OUR DECLARATION : To be recognised by customers as the most-loved café business in the world


Shingle Inn offers you a comprehensive franchise package including:

  1. securing an appropriate location for your café
  2. comprehensive, hands-on pre-opening training
  3. arranging relevant information technology and training that will help you efficiently run your business
  4. assisting you to plan your opening promotional activities and training you in identifying and executing local area marketing opportunities
  5. providing systems and procedures to support your business success
  6. supplying ongoing support and training once you’ve opened your store
  7. providing an ongoing network marketing program including the tools implement to the programs in store
  8. the opportunity to grow your business and build a saleable asset

The location of your Shingle Inn Café is vitally important. Shingle Inn has a specific site criteria that we utilise to help select the best location for your store. We’re happy for you to seek out and suggest possible locations, however, ultimately the site must fit within the company’s guidelines. Shingle Inn has established relationships with many lessors and will undertake the negotiation of the lease on your behalf, typically achieving a more attractive deal than an independent operator would on their own. In addition, Shingle Inn will oversee the design and construction of your store and organise the equipment required to run your cafe.


The key to any successful franchise network – and one of the main attractions for buying a franchise rather than starting your own business – is the systems and procedures you and your business benefit from. Over our 80-plus-year history Shingle Inn has established solid, proven systems and procedures that you’ll be fully trained in to ensure you maintain Shingle Inn’s business standards and have the best opportunity to run a successful cafe. Our systems and procedures cover all areas of the business including, but not limited to;

  1. operations
  2. ordering
  3. reporting
  4. customer service
  5. human resources
  6. marketing
  7. information technology

You will be introduced to all these systems and will receive our compreshensive manuals during our training program.


You will be trained in Shingle Inn’s systems and procedures during our comprehensive six week pre-opening franchisee training program.

The initial weeks will consist of meeting key personnel and undertaking training across all facets of the business, including business management, customer service and sales, health and safety, and marketing. Training will also include planning your opening marketing promotions with the help of our experienced marketing team.

Following this you’ll undertake a minimum of four weeks training in-store. In this environment you will gain essential experience in the hands-on operation of a Shingle Inn café. In-store training provides you with a comprehensive insight into all facets of the business, including product knowledge, customer service skills, food and beverage preparation, store presentation, as well as in-store systems and training. You will also complete our Barista Training Program during this time.