Shingle Inn Today

The original owners, the Bellchambers family, brought the Shingle Inn experience to many more customers, introducing a contemporary version of the opulent 1930s teahouse. Today, there is one cafe in New Zealand and over 40 operating throughout Australia, offering even more families the opportunity to share special moments together.

Luxurious high-back chairs and cosy booths are components of the family owned franchise group of iconic cafés that continue to serve delicious meals and decadent cakes to a new generation.

The Bellchambers’ sons, Peter and Andrew, now at the helm of the company, pride themselves on maintaining the tradition of constructing stores with undeniable character, quality décor and providing the highest quality food, cakes and coffee!


Andrew Bellchambers

Andrew has a thorough managerial and operational knowledge of the procedures and framework that are critical in successful operating and developing a diverse hospitality network. With over 20 years experience as a Director of successful retail and hospitality businesses, Andrew’s focus is directed towards Operations, Human Resource Management, Marketing & Communications, Product Innovation and Development.

In addition, Andrew provides vision towards successful brand management and development. Andrew’s scope also encompasses research in both Australia and Europe into a variety of innovative equipment and product development opportunities.



Peter Bellchambers

Peter’s hospitality and retail career has encompassed the establishment, management and operation of an array of hospitality businesses in Australia and internationally. Notably he has been involved with organising and managing high volume food and beverage outlets which catered for thousands of guests per day at two world expositions, in Brisbane during 1988 and in Europe during 1998.

With over 25 years of continuous experience in the hospitality and retail industry, Peter had detailed knowledge of site selection, fit out and establishment of outlets, negotiating lease terms and conditions, operations, marketing and financial management of hospitality businesses in Australia. Peter has also been involved with researching a variety of hospitality concepts In North America, Europe and throughout Australia